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技術雜談:Unix is Friend - Emacs

Many files on Unix are plain text files. Some examples are text files, markup language files, LaTeX files, source code, Makefiles, and configuration 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Unix is Friend - Overview

Unix utilities seem arcane and ancient; however, some people still admire them, whereas mouses and touch screens are ubiquitous. By Unix Power 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Call Online Perl Document from Emacs

Sometimes we want to browse online document for the usages of Perl subroutines or modules. It is boringly repetitive to open the browser and 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Query PubMed with Regular Expression

The Entrez Programming Utilities are a interface to Entrez query and database system at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Faster Prolog in Perl with Yaswi

In my [previous post]({{ "/perl/prolog/2014/09/01/perl-cross-prolog-in-ai-prolog/" | prepend: site.baseurl }}), I introduced AI::Prolog, 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Perl x Prolog in AI::Prolog

Perl programming can be done in imperative, objective and functional styles. However, Perl lacks direct support in logic programming. Prolog 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Show Class Name in Perl

In Perl, you do not need to declare the type of a variable in advance. Sometimes, it is confusing because you do not know the type of the variable 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Sort by Hash Values in Perl

Since hash is a one-way relation, you cannot directly sort by hash values and get hash keys in Perl. However, by customized sort subroutine, 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Add Bookmarks with Coherent PDF Tools

Coherent PDF Tools is a command line PDF tool for Windows, Mac and Unix. It is free for non-commercial use. I wanted to remove all bookmarks 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:How to Remove PKG packages on Mac

For GUI mac software, AppCleaner is an easy way to safely and cleanly uninstall it on Mac. However, there is no easy method to uninstall PKG 繼續閱讀