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技術雜談:Evaluate Whether Chromebook Suits You Or Not

Netbooks failed to thrive because people tried to put every heavyweight applications into a relatively lightweight client. With the flourish 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Build Your Own Jekyll Theme with Bootstrap

When you built a blog from Jekyll, a beautiful, mobile-responsive theme passed as well. However, if you want to utilize a third party web front 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Test-Driven Development (TDD) in CoffeeScript with Jasmine

Test-driven developememnt (TDD) is a software development process. In this process, you write automated tests for expected functions; then, you 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:CoffeeScript - the Sugar of JavaScript

JavaScript is the vital part of modern interactive web. However, JavaScript is not easy; it mixes the features of several languages. Some good, 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Edit HTML in Emacs with web-mode

Emacs has a built-in html-mode for HTML files. It is common that HTML files comes with other lauguages like CSS, JavaScript, PHP and so on. The 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Optimizing PDF with Kindle

I bought a new Kindle. When I tried to read some PDF files on Kindle, I found that the font size was too small to read. If you need to read PDF 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Unix is Friend - Getting Help

Unix is like carpenters' toolkits; you need to learn them before you really enjoy them. Self-help learning is rewarding and amusing, which also 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Fast Parallel Download with lftp

I was assigned by my professor to download some RNA sequences data to my own computer for backup purpose, because the original data server will 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Unix is Friend - Unix Toolbox on Windows

Sometimes there are no available desktop or laptop running Unix or Linux, but we miss these utilities on Unix. Thanks the efforts of numerous 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Unix is Friend - Text Processing

Instead of single application for a proprietary file format, Unix utilities manage text streams. Text streams means not only text files but also 繼續閱讀