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技術雜談:Install Ruby Gems in Home Directory

Although some system package managers on Linux or Unix provides Ruby gems as package, you still want to gem to install updated or specific gems 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:PastebinCL - Paste Your Code from Terminal

Pastebin.com is a website where you can store and share text or code for a certain period of time. Pastebin support syntax highlight for a variety 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:How To Install Pygame for Python 3 on Mac

If you need to develop Python 3 application in Pygame on Mac, you should have noticed that there is no official installer of Pygame for Python 繼續閱讀

技術雜談:Homebrew, the missing package manager for OS X

Beneath the pretty user interface, OS X is also an Unix. However, OS X lacks a system package manager like APT for Debian and Ubuntu, YUM for 繼續閱讀