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程式設計、開放原始碼、技術雜談 is a website where you can store and share text or code for a certain period of time. Pastebin support syntax highlight for a variety of programming language. However, it is sometimes tedious to open the website and copy-paste your code. PastebinCL is a small command line utility help you to paste text to Pastebin directly from terminal. Before compiling PastebinCL, you have to sign up a Pastebin account 繼續閱讀

If you need to develop Python 3 application in Pygame on Mac, you should have noticed that there is no official installer of Pygame for Python 3 on Mac. However, you can still install Pygame for Python 3, just via Pygame repository. If you do not want bother the details, you may use my modified Pygame formula for Homebrew to install Pygame. Remember to install HEAD version or Python 3 繼續閱讀

Beneath the pretty user interface, OS X is also an Unix. However, OS X lacks a system package manager like APT for Debian and Ubuntu, YUM for Fedora and CentOS and ports for FreeBSD; this situations makes installing source-based software inconvenient. Thanks to Homebrew, OS X has its own package manager now. Since Homebrew build and installs software from source, we need a C/C++ compiler here. Get GCC compiler and 繼續閱讀

本網站和本網站所使用的第三方軟體 (廣告程式、追蹤器等) 會收集匿名網站使用者資訊,像是網站使用者造訪過那些頁面、網站使用者使用網站的時間等。這 繼續閱讀

本網站的內容 (文字、圖片、電腦程式等) 僅為一般性質的資訊,而非正式的技術文件。我們致力於保持本網站的內容是即時和正確的,但我們無法保證本網站 繼續閱讀

本網站的內容 (文字、圖片等),除了取自第三方的內容外,其著作權為 Michelle Chen 所有。禁止第三方轉錄本網站的內容,但可透過網頁搜尋或超連結等方式連接至本 繼續閱讀